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5 Tips for Greater Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is a state that separates the average from the great. Most of us, at some time, will have struggled with the belief that we can achieve our goals. It’s always important to remember that even the greatest leaders, athletes and celebrities suffer with a lack of confidence. Whether it’s in your work, in your sport or in your relationship – you’re not alone and you will only grow if you’re are the best version of YOU.

A lack of confidence can result from a negative mind-set, a poor relationship or when we have failed at something we were desperate to be successful in. Anxiety and confidence are mental partners that can seriously affect our mental state and performance if we let them.

Here’s five tips to create a greater self-confidence:

1. Act like Success
This isn’t about ego – act like a success is simple, it is about acting how you would like to be seen. To achieve this, using visualisation as a technique is recommended. Visualisation is the ability to look ahead and see yourself being successful. The best example is Jim Carrey, who for many years, would drive down Mulholland Drive to see the big houses and the entire city of LA to visualise what his life could be like. Jim had a more powerful tool, as while sitting there looking at the city below, he wrote himself a check for $10 million, dated it Thanksgiving 1995, added the notation “for acting services rendered,” and carried it in his wallet from that day forth. When you believe something to be true, you see the world in that way.

2. Say goodbye to negative thoughts & people
Positive energy leads to positive outcomes. This means you need to firstly set your mind to see the positive in situations, this itself can create a massive, fast and lasting change. The mind will always attempt to cause doubts and negative thoughts, but dealing with this ego is something you will have to go through if you do not have positive energy from the outset. You can do this by beating your ego: firstly, by the next time you hear negativity in your head, switch it to a positive affirmation and keep it going till you push past the anxiety. Secondly, by putting enthusiasm into your interactions with others and what you do. You must stop focusing on the problems and instead focus on the solutions and the benefits in every situation.

3. Strengthen your mind-set
There are three easy and great ways to strengthen your mind-set: exercise, meditate and be happy. Exercise will increase health, strength and confidence while also decreasing stress and anxiety.
Meditation is a method used to clear away negative feelings and stress to restore your sense of balance. For meditation I recommend using the app ‘Head Space’ via your smartphone. Happiness is key and it lies within you. It was there on the day you were born, at every single moment, and is within you right now. So you can stop looking outside yourself for happiness.

4. Generate Performance Accomplishments
When you have goals, that are SMART specific, it motivates you to achieve your steps to your dream. When you achieve each goal that is what gives you the self-confidence to push on to the next. The best example that I have seen of this is something called ‘3 by 5’. This technique ensures each day we have three targets, that are SMART and are aligned with our project, and must be achieved by the end of the working day. If you are not gaining confidence from this technique, I recommend you add rewards for when you achieve the goals. This is called celebration as it will motivate you further and give you confidence by intrinsic rewards.

5. When I believe, I will see
I’ll let you re-read that and yes you read right. You will not achieve anything unless you believe you can do it first. This belief will give you the confidence you require to achieve your dreams. How do you begin to believe? You must find examples of people that achieved something and use that to build your belief – this will give you the confidence, as you see it is possible for others to achieve what you are working every day for.

Self-Confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are if you can’t see yourself?


Hustling before the graveyard comes

The richest place in the world will always be the graveyard. If you do not follow your dreams you will add to the ideas, visions and dreams that are buried at the graveyard when we die. This may sound dramatic but many people go through life without realising what their talents are, without using them and without reaching their full potential.

I believe that we all are all born with the same abilities, desires and needs so what is the difference? ACTION.
Success is a formula, this process all comes from our choices and the actions that follow. Action in the modern day especially by entrepreneurs, is seen as hustling. It is defined as performing a repetitive action over and over in order to attain a goal. Hustling is basically the difference between words and achieving your dream. More and more frequently people are saying ‘I am hustling’ especially on social media – but are they really?

Hustling is getting up earlier than anyone else. Hustling is doing everything in your control to achieve your dreams. Hustling is not making excuses or giving up when things get hard. Hustling is an action that must happen everyday.

Understand where you are:

Let’s take it back to help you understand hustling to success. You must understand where you are right now. That’s simply understanding what your talents are, how you work and think and what your current situation is. Before even contemplating action, you must understand that everything is YOUR choice, it is all about the power of choice. Power of choice allows you to be in control of your outcome and what happens in every battle – this means the only fight you’re fighting is with someone you cannot see. This person is you, it is the other side of you. This twin will be your negative state of mind that will moan, criticise and be lazy but it is your choice to overcome this side and take that first step to growth.

Know your why:

The next step will be knowing where you want to be – dreams can only be achieved by having outcomes to hustle towards. This will be the part that you mostly speak about – our dreams, vision and goals to a better future. However, the key is actually making our goals achievable and linked to our motivation to reach our dreams. If today you write down your dream at the top of your page: why you want to achieve it, followed by each goals, how they will be achieved and by what date – you will be more likely to succeed than someone who just speaks about their dream for the next 10 years of their life.

Act before it’s to late:

So what’s next? Action, the hustle that actually will get you up the mountain to each goal. The battles will come everyday but if you are persistent and motivated to be successful this will over time make you a success. It is important to remember motivation, persistent and goals are not linked to failure. If you understand where you are, what your why is and how you’re going to get to the top of the mountain – there is only action, that hustle, standing in your way.

Hustling can only be a weakness when it is not used correctly. Productivity and consistency are two key terms that surround work rate as wasting energy will not lead to you achieving your goals. It is about getting the tasks done in the most adequate time and to the level that is required. We have 8,760 hours in a year yet the average person is wasting around 1,000 hours a year (I’ll let that sink in).

In summary, the graveyard is waiting – today is the day to start hustling but do it with persistence, consistency and productivity. As Mark Twain brilliantly stated “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you do did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”.

The Power Of Choice

We all want the same outcome, it is the process and our choices of how to get there that is individual to each of us. The definition of a choice is when two or more options are available, while a decision is actually executing that choice. Whether, it’s a relationship, business or a financial decision, how do we choose?

A human has the opportunity on average to make over 100 decisions per day, with some more vital decisions than others. Who you are with, who you have become and what is your net worth are all example outcomes from decisions. We spend time focusing on our dreams and setting goals without ever understanding the importance of the process that we need to take in order to get there. To move forwards you must make a decision but first we must understand how the mind works, understanding that is the first progression and a step in the right direction.

In any given moment, we have two options, the first is to step forwards into growth or the second is the step backwards into safety. If you have made the step into growth, then you can move into final phase of decision making ‘execution’ or as I prefer to call it action.

The brain will make a decision either consciously or sub-consciously. The conscious is when you make a decision by assessing the options and outcomes, usually made by either strategy or emotion. However, this can be committed by either “the chimp “or “human” part of the brain and even occasionally, both. “The chimp” as an emotional state will be the first to reach to a conscious decision. This decision will tend to be rash, emotional and simplistic in its conclusion and can often be linked to a negative mind-set depending on previous experience. “The human” on the other hand, will evaluate all options and try to think on both sides of the table. As good as the human sounds, if you can control the chimp’s emotional mind-set, it is important to hear both views and encourage a combination of the human and chimp solution.

Sub-conscious is a computer like response which is already wired in our brain to respond, without much if any known thoughts but can still have emotion tangled inside. We may feel its gut instinct or on review wonder how we got to that conclusion. This comes from your computer part of the brain that has learnt to automatically answer over time through previous experiences.

The feature that combines and controls the decision making tool is that of the mind-set. A simple change in mind-set makes anything possible. A simple difference in mind-set can be seen as:

The power to listen or the power to ignore


The power to compliment or the power to criticise.

To increase our productivity, we must understand that we can control it, its not destiny. First we must change our mind-set at the forefront through our actions.

If we want to be even more effective with decision making, we must have the confidence of the control we have and believe it will lead to make the right decision. When we are not in control we let our parents, cultures, government, peers and the media persuade us. To sum the importance of control with our mind-set, on judgement day you will be the one who deals with the consequences of your decision.

Now we have progressed through the stimulus aspect of the decision and we have prepared our mind-set to evaluate and build a strategy.

When evaluating: it is important to consider what is the one power that controls our life? Motivation, is normally intrinsic for most, although extrinsic can occur depending on the individual. When doing this process, we need to consider the following:

• What are they key benefits aligned with my motivation and goals?
• What is the worst that could happen and how can I handle it?

The two questions, one more negative than the other, should give clear definitions on what each path offers and which is best to be able to execute. Further investigation will include SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis and other techniques to improve the data and evidence required. I also believe instinct should be taken into account as that initial emotion occurs for a reason.

Congratulations, you have made your decision.

Now we are required to build the process out with a strategy, as we head towards the execution. In any decision, a strategy must be put in place in order to fulfil the selected path and to make an effective response. This is no different to taking your driving test, asking a girl out on the date or acquiring a new company – a strategy is needed.

The strategy needs to be your plan, adapting your mind-set, evaluation of the situation and what you have to do in order to achieve your goals. Furthermore, in order to be successful you must have a deadline and clear outcomes to the strategy to be able to execute timely.

When we act to execute our decision: our mind-set should have prepared us. In our decision we should understand and believe in it, while our strategy should allow the process to be completed. Despite all preparation before hand, execution may still not happen if our mind-set is not controlled nor focused. If this does happen, it is important to remember not to be afraid to fail. While not looking back, even if your mind wonders into the negative playing field, jump: try again, learn from mistakes and take another chance.

In summary, choice is a process and one that matters. It is our choice to respect ourselves, others and everything around us. Choices come from responsibility but leads to consequences. When I said about ‘We all want the same outcomes’, that solution is to either push us away from pain or pull us closer to pleasure: this is the power of choice.

Money cannot save us

If we’re destroying our forests, destroying our environment, hurting animals, hurting one another and all the negative stories you read in the newspapers, there’s got to be a powerful energy out there to stop it. Money may not be enough.

The environment is an issue that only action will change our current trajectory to get to a more sustainable planet. We have spent the last six decades finding out what and why the issues exist, but now it has to be about the how.

How do we need to understand this?

Climate change is an issue that impacts the stability of our environment which is important for us to live with minimal interruptions. Climate change is happening due to the pollution, which is a by-product from human actions over the last few hundred years. It has increased greatly over the past sixty years due to the increase of population.

Pollution is one of the biggest killers, affecting over 100 million people each year. That’s comparable to global diseases like malaria and HIV. People who live in regions with high levels of air pollutants have a 20% higher risk of death from lung cancer than people who live in less-polluted areas. When considering polluted areas in the world, many people will think of China and India due to the growing population and the manufacturing industry. This is not actually correct, China, for example, produces fewer emissions per person than the USA, the UK and Australia. The United States of America, still rely on coal which contributes to four of the top five causes of death and is a third of the worlds total carbon emissions.

Each minute, we consume 35,000 barrels of oil, add 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and destroy 51 acres of tropical forests.

Each hour, 60 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in the United states alone, the governments spend $120 million on military expenditure while watching 1,800 children die of malnutrition and hunger.

Each day, on average 350,000 babies are born, while 25,000 die of a water shortage or contamination. Over 60 tons of plastic packaging and 372 tons of fishing nets are dumped into the sea while 10 tons of nuclear waste are being generated by the existing nuclear plants.

The environment is everything that surrounds us and allows the human race to live. We are destroying our environment and taking the rest of life with us. There are creatures on this earth that have no control when this is their home too. We are in control and we have the opportunity to solve this.

How can we help?

As Leonardo DiCaprio was suggesting in his captivating documentary ‘Before the Flood’, we have control over what we consume. Consuming products that are bad for our body and the environment can be stopped. As soon as we stop buying these products, the corporations have to change. The most powerful companies exist as they are fuelled by consumer demand. The governments, companies and organizations across the world have to understand that climate standards need to be met and monitored to help us as individuals. We have the power to start the change and we can certainly make an impact.

Energy is clearly something we cannot go without. Vehicles, electricity and appliances need fuel to operate, however these are all things we can adjust to make less pollution and need less consumption. Electric cars are becoming more popular with Elon Musk’s ‘Tesla’ leading the way, the more we buy the more affordable and accessible this becomes. Solar and wind power is the future of electricity for our work places and homes. There has been a slow up take on this due to its affordability, I don’t believe this will be affordable short term but it will make your bills more affordable long term, and is more environment friendly. Again, it is worth following Elon Musk for what he is doing in this space especially with his ‘Roof Tiles’.

Recycling is an important measure that has been operating for the last decade, but this will only improve if people remain consistent with recycling and more companies make their products recyclable or reusable. The benefits of recycling are that each ton (1000kg) of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy, and 7000 gallons of water.

When discussing this subject with people, they’re very negative towards the belief of climate change, that’s if they even care t all. They have the attitude of how can they change the world as they’re only one person. Well, if you don’t want to change what you consume or how you power your life. Here are a few small things you could do to save money and to minimize your contribution to climate change:

Driving: Studies have shown up to 30% of the difference in miles per gallon (MPG) is due to driving habits alone. For example: accelerating slowly & smoothly will improve your MPG.

Electrical Appliances: If you’re going away or not using an item for awhile, unplug it to prevent “vampire” energy loss from electricity usage on standby. Always pay attention to the total lifetime cost, including energy—not just the price tag. Leaving a computer on overnight for a year creates enough CO2 to fill a double decker bus.

Heating/Cooling: Keep your heating and cooling system(s) tuned. When it’s time to replace, do your research. Do not leave your fan on overnight. Leaving a fan running over night is enough to power your IPhone for 25 years.

Lighting: Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) have that cool curly shape and save more than 2/3rds of the energy of a regular incandescent. Each bulb can save $40 or more over its lifetime. Do not leave lights on if you’re not using that room. Leaving a light on can be producing the same CO2 emissions as driving London to Paris.

Waste & Recycling – This is a big one.
Don’t waste food: About one-quarter of all the food prepared annually in the U.S., for example, gets tossed, producing methane in landfills as well as carbon emissions from transporting wasted food.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: 60% of pollutions come from everything we buy and use – goods and services. Pay attention to your consumption and waste habits.

Buy Locally if possible: Shipping burns fuel. A 5-pound package shipped by air across the country creates 12 pounds of CO2 (3 ½ pounds if shipped by truck).

The only way forwards

The only way forwards, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved. Steve Jobs stated that you as an individual need to be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. There is enough room for people on this earth, but there isn’t enough for those who are greedy.

I want you to ask yourself… are you doing enough?