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Good to Great

Good To Great is a book for people looking for success – to take that step towards greatness. Despite it mainly be aimed at companies, I feel as an individual there is plenty you can take from it. For that reason, I have included the eight key points to take away from the book – enjoy!

1. Great leaders have humility and professional resolve
They are not focused on self rewards, instead they are driven to see their company be successful as they want to put their company first.

2. Hire/work with the right people
Companies are only as good as their employees. To be successful, you must identify and work with the best people available. The right people are your biggest asset, so pick the right recruitment company to work with.

3. Must find brutal facts and difficulty realties in order to overcome them
When doing this, you must believe you can overcome this and it will make you better because of it. The biggest recommendation to achieve this is, don’t work with ‘Yes’ people and be transparent, honest and direct in your actions/communication.

4. Find what you’re best at and stick to it
Companies and individuals often stick with what they’re known for or what they have been doing for years but this may not be the best decision going forwards. Instead, they must find what their core competency is and ensure they stick to it.

5. Be self-disciplined
The right people are self motivated and focused on the company’s and their goals. This means there won’t be a need for discipline or incentives which may cause distraction or resources that can be used elsewhere.

6. Use technology to accelerate your goals
Technology should be used to accelerate and build on the individuals or company’s success. Positive financial results are often dependent on the success and efficiency of the technology that is acquired and used.

7. Be persistent, patient and consistent
Going from good to great doesn’t happen over night. Instead, it requires patient effort in order to achieve it over time.

8. All the principles are timeless
Economies are always changing and moving. There is always another challenge. However, the principles that ‘Good to Great’ provide are timeless as laws, regulations and people change – you can still use the principles provided to reach a level of greatness.


What do millennials want #3

Millennials want to see a pathway within the organisation they work in or have been offered by. They expect a rapid progression in a varied and interesting career – the latest figures suggest a graduate in this generation will likely change their job 8-10 times in their life.

Millennials have ambition, a desire to keep learning and see the job as a development opportunity. Millennials value development more than other generations do which is a key difference. Gallup’s, How Millennials Want to Work and Live, reveals that 59% of millennials say opportunities to learn and grow are extremely important to them when applying for a job.

My recommendation to develop the millennials within your organisation is to show them a potential pathway if they can achieve the goals you have set them – this will drive focus, productivity and profit. The second recommendation is to build a two-way mentorship programme between a senior member of staff and a millennial to ensure that development is ongoing for every individual within the organisation.

Millennials are inpatient and don’t want to wait – it’s simple either develop your young people or they will leave to develop.

9 things you should give up to be successful

Sacrifice is a key word in relation to success, some can do it and others can’t but there’s a key relationship between our choices and our efforts to success. Sacrifice is defined as giving up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations. This can be defined through modern day examples such as giving up social times during the week with friends, putting in an extra hour at weekends or giving up alcohol to be healthier and more productive.

It is important to understand if it’s something that’s not developing you towards your goal it should have already gone – life is too short to waste time.

Here are 9 things to let go this year:

1. Let go of excuses
It is competitive out there: as we become closer connected, education grows and technologies are developed it will only become more competitive. Letting go of excuses will stop you getting left behind – so if you find yourself saying “I can’t do it today because I am tired” or “Do I have to do that?” LET IT GO NOW. No one is going to do it for you but success is your decision.

2. Let go of saying yes
This was something I learnt last year as I had a habit of saying ‘Yes’ to every opportunity I was offered. Letting go of saying yes means that you become selective and elitist on opportunities you believe in and can execute on. Time is a commodity and shouldn’t be taken for granted so be selective to ensure your productivity and performance is increased.

3. Let go of toxic people
Toxic people are those that waste your energy on things that are not helping you reach your goals. Letting go of toxic people means cutting out anyone that hampers, damages or distracts you from being able to do what you want to do. They must bring positivity and inspiration to your inner circle. It’s my belief if they don’t add value or purpose they must go and I must move on.

4. Let go of control
You can’t control everything in the process of you becoming successful, although you must ensure you do everything that is in your control. Letting go of control means to cut off any stresses or effort that is going into areas you cannot control. This will increase productivity and positivity within everything you do.

5. Let go of a fixed mind-set
A lot of people have a fixed mind-set which means this function will get left behind as others learn to adapt and grow into a new environment. Letting go of a fixed mind-set allows you to be flexible and future proof your offering for the long-term while everything around you constantly changes, adjusts and gets discovered.

6. Let go of playing small
People that play small will always get small rewards. It’s the people that play with no fear and aim high that will get the bigger rewards. Letting go of playing small is important as that normally relates from a lack of self-confidence or trust to be able to achieve anything bigger than what you see. Let’s try this – if you look at your goals and think they’re small – go higher to push yourself past that line of your comfort zone.

7. Let go of an unhealthy lifestyle
Unhealthy lifestyle isn’t just what you eat, it’s your complete environment. This includes consumption of media, people you surround yourself with and exercising. Letting go of an unhealthy lifestyle isn’t easy but will increase your chances of success by increasing a clear mind that can function to reach your goals. This is up to you to decide on what you need to do with your diet, exercise routine and how you use your time.

8. Let go of your ego
To be able to be the best, you must learn how to follow first. The number of talented individuals that reach the first point of success and fall away because of their ego. Letting go of your ego will allow you to become the person you want to be seen as. The only way your performance is going to be increased as well as those around you is by you providing a humble, infectious and productive ego in your environment.

9. Let go of living like a loser
Losers live in the past; winners work towards the future. Letting go of living like a loser is the people that are focused on where they are, rather than where they could be and how to get there. If you want success you must live a few years like most of your friends won’t but remember its only temporary as those who don’t make the sacrifice won’t be able to join you.

Three signs you’re ready to grow

Albert Einstein stated “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”. This quote is as relevant today as it was back then, his experiments led to him being one of the most famous physicists in history due to this theory. People talk about achieving their goals without taking the steps towards growth, therefore just doing the same thing they have always done.

Here are three signs you’re ready to grow:

1. You know your vision of what you want and why you want it

Firstly, you must know where you want to go, as your current state is not where you want to be. With personal development, you should write down a small description of you now and one of where you want to be in a specific time. This will give you direction on where you want to be in the near future.

2. You’re meeting established goals

If you’re reaching your current goals, it is time to push harder. The only way you will grow is by pushing yourself beyond your current ceiling as there is no room to move in a comfort zone. When setting goals, you must ensure it is what you want to do and that it can realistically be achieved.

3. You fail the “Last day of your Life” test too often

Steve Jobs at Stanford University expressed “if today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today? And whenever the answer has been “no” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something”. This quote really hit home, that above all you are only going to grow if you enjoy what you do. Many of you, make choices on what you want to do – meaning that there may be times that you have to make choices you don’t like but you will identify the best choice for you. If you keep saying “No”: change, adapt and grow – make the choices for you to be content because when that happens you will grow to reach your vision. Forget the IPhone, this is by far the most powerful concept Steve Jobs presented to you.

I am going to use Steve Jobs to finish here as I feel he really nails the point with this quote as he stated “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make big choices in life”. If that doesn’t motivate you to grow NOW, I am not sure what will. The signs may or may not be there for you but there is never the right time to grow – we are a clock and time is not on our side. We must therefore, keep growing to ensure we make the best of our life as what ever you believe – this will be our only chance.

Hustling before the graveyard comes

The richest place in the world will always be the graveyard. If you do not follow your dreams you will add to the ideas, visions and dreams that are buried at the graveyard when we die. This may sound dramatic but many people go through life without realising what their talents are, without using them and without reaching their full potential.

I believe that we all are all born with the same abilities, desires and needs so what is the difference? ACTION.
Success is a formula, this process all comes from our choices and the actions that follow. Action in the modern day especially by entrepreneurs, is seen as hustling. It is defined as performing a repetitive action over and over in order to attain a goal. Hustling is basically the difference between words and achieving your dream. More and more frequently people are saying ‘I am hustling’ especially on social media – but are they really?

Hustling is getting up earlier than anyone else. Hustling is doing everything in your control to achieve your dreams. Hustling is not making excuses or giving up when things get hard. Hustling is an action that must happen everyday.

Understand where you are:

Let’s take it back to help you understand hustling to success. You must understand where you are right now. That’s simply understanding what your talents are, how you work and think and what your current situation is. Before even contemplating action, you must understand that everything is YOUR choice, it is all about the power of choice. Power of choice allows you to be in control of your outcome and what happens in every battle – this means the only fight you’re fighting is with someone you cannot see. This person is you, it is the other side of you. This twin will be your negative state of mind that will moan, criticise and be lazy but it is your choice to overcome this side and take that first step to growth.

Know your why:

The next step will be knowing where you want to be – dreams can only be achieved by having outcomes to hustle towards. This will be the part that you mostly speak about – our dreams, vision and goals to a better future. However, the key is actually making our goals achievable and linked to our motivation to reach our dreams. If today you write down your dream at the top of your page: why you want to achieve it, followed by each goals, how they will be achieved and by what date – you will be more likely to succeed than someone who just speaks about their dream for the next 10 years of their life.

Act before it’s to late:

So what’s next? Action, the hustle that actually will get you up the mountain to each goal. The battles will come everyday but if you are persistent and motivated to be successful this will over time make you a success. It is important to remember motivation, persistent and goals are not linked to failure. If you understand where you are, what your why is and how you’re going to get to the top of the mountain – there is only action, that hustle, standing in your way.

Hustling can only be a weakness when it is not used correctly. Productivity and consistency are two key terms that surround work rate as wasting energy will not lead to you achieving your goals. It is about getting the tasks done in the most adequate time and to the level that is required. We have 8,760 hours in a year yet the average person is wasting around 1,000 hours a year (I’ll let that sink in).

In summary, the graveyard is waiting – today is the day to start hustling but do it with persistence, consistency and productivity. As Mark Twain brilliantly stated “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you do did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”.