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Success is very simple for us all

The idea that to pursue your dreams means giving up everything that is dear to you is nonsense:
– Success does not necessarily mean leaving your present company – indeed, it may be to stay and grow and find fulfilment.
– Success does not necessarily mean anything to do with work or your career
– Success is yours – it is yours to own and no-one else has any right to tell you that your success is wrong, if you do not hurt, or damage, someone else.

Success is indeed very simple, for anything in your life:
– Know what you want to do, or where you want to be
– Know where you are now
– Know what you have to do, to get to where you want to go, or where you want to be
– And, do it!

Whatever you want in life, you have massive power and potential to make it happen, to bring it closer and there is no point having such huge potential, if you do nothing with it.

Your future is your choice, always. You, me, everyone can always choose what we do, how we act. And: whilst we may not be able to control other people, events around us and in the world, and things that happen to us, we can always control how we react.

Adapted from: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Naked-Coach-Business-Coaching-Simple/dp/1841127566

Showing Millennials attention will provide a greater ROI

To get the best out of millennials for your organisation to get a return of investment, you must give them your total attention. Attention sounds very negative when people use the word in relation to providing attention to another individual however, all negative stereotypes can be turned into positive attributes when understood.

If you’re in a leadership position to millennials: the first thing you must do to show them attention is to be a coach; not a boss – they want access, they’re looking for a mentor and they want an environment where they can have a platform to be successful.

Perhaps even more so than other generation, Millennials want to feel that their work is making a difference and they would like to be recognised for it. For this to be achievable they need constant feedback (weekly minimum) and the feedback must be critical, best using the Sandwich Technique, to get the best out of their potential. You may also be surprised to know that while they’re brilliant at navigating the digital landscape, they prefer face-to-face communication so when you feedback ensure you sit down and have a conversation about it.

The final part on attention is to give the young person a significant role on a project – this responsibility will provide a lot of confidence in the person to go and progress further and feel like he or she is valued within the organisation. This one move could significantly increase loyalty and performance to generate further returns to your organisation.

The centre point of success

I have listened and watched a variety of individuals who feel they have been successful and there is one centre point to their success: gratitude. I would expect you to say that it must be easy for successful people to have the feeling of gratitude but a lot of what I see or they say, suggests they gained gratitude along the early part of their journey.

You are fortunate as you can write your own story – this is because everything is your choice which includes the feeling of being grateful. Gratitude is the centre of success as it is a huge factor for law of attraction. The term ‘Law of Attraction’ is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like”, basically meaning that if you have positive thoughts than positive actions will follow. Gratitude is no different to this – as it brings positivity to your outlook, leads to happiness and ultimately productivity.

This one change to your thoughts will help you eliminate fear and any negativity in your day, furthermore it will improve relationships as it will become an infectious feeling for those around you. The final benefit of gratitude is that it will increase your health and emotional wellbeing – helping you to be more focused and learn more efficiently.

Gratitude will grow and strengthen with deliberate, intentional use. To do this I suggest every day or week, list everything you’re grateful for – say each one out loud to yourself and the others around you each morning. Keep repeating this process – you will feel stillness and fulfilment come into your body that will set you up for the day.

9 things you should give up to be successful

Sacrifice is a key word in relation to success, some can do it and others can’t but there’s a key relationship between our choices and our efforts to success. Sacrifice is defined as giving up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations. This can be defined through modern day examples such as giving up social times during the week with friends, putting in an extra hour at weekends or giving up alcohol to be healthier and more productive.

It is important to understand if it’s something that’s not developing you towards your goal it should have already gone – life is too short to waste time.

Here are 9 things to let go this year:

1. Let go of excuses
It is competitive out there: as we become closer connected, education grows and technologies are developed it will only become more competitive. Letting go of excuses will stop you getting left behind – so if you find yourself saying “I can’t do it today because I am tired” or “Do I have to do that?” LET IT GO NOW. No one is going to do it for you but success is your decision.

2. Let go of saying yes
This was something I learnt last year as I had a habit of saying ‘Yes’ to every opportunity I was offered. Letting go of saying yes means that you become selective and elitist on opportunities you believe in and can execute on. Time is a commodity and shouldn’t be taken for granted so be selective to ensure your productivity and performance is increased.

3. Let go of toxic people
Toxic people are those that waste your energy on things that are not helping you reach your goals. Letting go of toxic people means cutting out anyone that hampers, damages or distracts you from being able to do what you want to do. They must bring positivity and inspiration to your inner circle. It’s my belief if they don’t add value or purpose they must go and I must move on.

4. Let go of control
You can’t control everything in the process of you becoming successful, although you must ensure you do everything that is in your control. Letting go of control means to cut off any stresses or effort that is going into areas you cannot control. This will increase productivity and positivity within everything you do.

5. Let go of a fixed mind-set
A lot of people have a fixed mind-set which means this function will get left behind as others learn to adapt and grow into a new environment. Letting go of a fixed mind-set allows you to be flexible and future proof your offering for the long-term while everything around you constantly changes, adjusts and gets discovered.

6. Let go of playing small
People that play small will always get small rewards. It’s the people that play with no fear and aim high that will get the bigger rewards. Letting go of playing small is important as that normally relates from a lack of self-confidence or trust to be able to achieve anything bigger than what you see. Let’s try this – if you look at your goals and think they’re small – go higher to push yourself past that line of your comfort zone.

7. Let go of an unhealthy lifestyle
Unhealthy lifestyle isn’t just what you eat, it’s your complete environment. This includes consumption of media, people you surround yourself with and exercising. Letting go of an unhealthy lifestyle isn’t easy but will increase your chances of success by increasing a clear mind that can function to reach your goals. This is up to you to decide on what you need to do with your diet, exercise routine and how you use your time.

8. Let go of your ego
To be able to be the best, you must learn how to follow first. The number of talented individuals that reach the first point of success and fall away because of their ego. Letting go of your ego will allow you to become the person you want to be seen as. The only way your performance is going to be increased as well as those around you is by you providing a humble, infectious and productive ego in your environment.

9. Let go of living like a loser
Losers live in the past; winners work towards the future. Letting go of living like a loser is the people that are focused on where they are, rather than where they could be and how to get there. If you want success you must live a few years like most of your friends won’t but remember its only temporary as those who don’t make the sacrifice won’t be able to join you.

Superman vs YOU

Superman showcases the untapped potential for humanity by reminding us of the infinite possibilities and to ensure we bring good into our environment. However, like humans, for this to be achieved he must know his ‘why’, understand how and execute.

If we go deeper, Superman tends to his environment by bringing positive energy to everything he takes on. The environment is what you surround yourself with. Environmental energy which impacts our outcomes, is an aspect Superman brings consistently by showing up powerfully, providing his presence and being as clear as possible. He is surrounded by people like Lois Lane, who help him bring good to his environment and keep him wanting to be the best version of himself. Superman is pro-active in each situation by dealing with his people first before dealing with product, this shows great leadership qualities.

Superman grew up on a farm in Kansas and become a successful idol to the community. This shows that where you grew up or your upbringing, means very little. Therefore, Superman always pushes towards the fight to ensure he stands a chance of overcoming any hurdle. He is evidence for following your beliefs and dreams as he takes on a challenge, not for the money or fame but for the feeling of value.

Superman is aware of the responsibility on his shoulders even with his freedom. He is driven by social responsibility, love and selflessness. This means that you should understand your responsibilities in your environment and what motivates you to reach your success – this will give you direction and values to be the best version of you.

Being the best version of you, will allow you to be consistent and feel content in everything you do. It will allow you to grow and achieve your goals as well as being the person you want to be.

“On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become”

Are you being the best version of you?

3 motivators to ensure you achieve your New Year’s resolution

We all start with the mantra “New Year, new me” but who keeps to this and most of all achieve it?

With new goals, we all start with the same possibilities and opportunities to fulfil our dreams. Our mind-set is the difference in each challenge to achieve our goals, simply it is our ability to change that:

‘Impossible’ into ‘Possible’
‘Can’t’ into ‘Can’
‘Don’t believe’ into ‘I believe’

Here are three motivators to ensure you achieve your New Year goals:

Why do you want it?

Unless you want to achieve it, you will never choose to achieve it. Success is achieved through deliberate hustle and persistence, relevant to your goals. Firstly, you must write your goals and why you want to achieve it using ink or technology. This will assist in visualising the possibilities of achieving your goal. Once you’re content, you should feel capable of telling people publicly about your goals and why you want to achieve them.

Reward, Reward, Reward

If you’re going to be successful and keep repeating the action consistently, you must reward yourself along the journey to ensure you keep growing – even through the small progressions. You must associate yourself with the feeling of success and that feeling will reinforce your end goal and your drive with your subconscious.

Give yourself a finish line

Set a date for direction but not a deadline. The direction is important but putting a date for completion is crucial for motivation. However, this can easily work the other way, so ensure the time is achievable and realistic in regards to your goal or project.


5 Tips for Greater Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is a state that separates the average from the great. Most of us, at some time, will have struggled with the belief that we can achieve our goals. It’s always important to remember that even the greatest leaders, athletes and celebrities suffer with a lack of confidence. Whether it’s in your work, in your sport or in your relationship – you’re not alone and you will only grow if you’re are the best version of YOU.

A lack of confidence can result from a negative mind-set, a poor relationship or when we have failed at something we were desperate to be successful in. Anxiety and confidence are mental partners that can seriously affect our mental state and performance if we let them.

Here’s five tips to create a greater self-confidence:

1. Act like Success
This isn’t about ego – act like a success is simple, it is about acting how you would like to be seen. To achieve this, using visualisation as a technique is recommended. Visualisation is the ability to look ahead and see yourself being successful. The best example is Jim Carrey, who for many years, would drive down Mulholland Drive to see the big houses and the entire city of LA to visualise what his life could be like. Jim had a more powerful tool, as while sitting there looking at the city below, he wrote himself a check for $10 million, dated it Thanksgiving 1995, added the notation “for acting services rendered,” and carried it in his wallet from that day forth. When you believe something to be true, you see the world in that way.

2. Say goodbye to negative thoughts & people
Positive energy leads to positive outcomes. This means you need to firstly set your mind to see the positive in situations, this itself can create a massive, fast and lasting change. The mind will always attempt to cause doubts and negative thoughts, but dealing with this ego is something you will have to go through if you do not have positive energy from the outset. You can do this by beating your ego: firstly, by the next time you hear negativity in your head, switch it to a positive affirmation and keep it going till you push past the anxiety. Secondly, by putting enthusiasm into your interactions with others and what you do. You must stop focusing on the problems and instead focus on the solutions and the benefits in every situation.

3. Strengthen your mind-set
There are three easy and great ways to strengthen your mind-set: exercise, meditate and be happy. Exercise will increase health, strength and confidence while also decreasing stress and anxiety.
Meditation is a method used to clear away negative feelings and stress to restore your sense of balance. For meditation I recommend using the app ‘Head Space’ via your smartphone. Happiness is key and it lies within you. It was there on the day you were born, at every single moment, and is within you right now. So you can stop looking outside yourself for happiness.

4. Generate Performance Accomplishments
When you have goals, that are SMART specific, it motivates you to achieve your steps to your dream. When you achieve each goal that is what gives you the self-confidence to push on to the next. The best example that I have seen of this is something called ‘3 by 5’. This technique ensures each day we have three targets, that are SMART and are aligned with our project, and must be achieved by the end of the working day. If you are not gaining confidence from this technique, I recommend you add rewards for when you achieve the goals. This is called celebration as it will motivate you further and give you confidence by intrinsic rewards.

5. When I believe, I will see
I’ll let you re-read that and yes you read right. You will not achieve anything unless you believe you can do it first. This belief will give you the confidence you require to achieve your dreams. How do you begin to believe? You must find examples of people that achieved something and use that to build your belief – this will give you the confidence, as you see it is possible for others to achieve what you are working every day for.

Self-Confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are if you can’t see yourself?